Accident Insurance

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Meeting Your Needs

Unexpected accidents can also mean unexpected expenses.  Hospital stays, medical or surgical treatments, dislocations, fractures, and transportation by air or ground ambulance can add up quickly and can become very costly.  Accident coverage can help with some of these expenses, enabling you to remain healthy financially.

What you get:

Coverage is available for you or your entire family if you purchase an on-or-off-the-job Accident (AP2) injury policy

Benefits paid directly to you, unless assigned to someone else

Payments in addition to insurance that you may already have in place

Affordable premiums

Coverage enhancements by the addition of rider benefits

Portable coverage, meaning if you leave your career with SGMC, you can take the coverage with you

Accident Insurance offered by Taylor Insurance Services through Allstate Benefits is guaranteed issue for all new employees and provides 24-hour accident benefits for dislocations, fractures, loss of limbs, and death as a result of an accident.  Hospital, Intensive Care and other medical expenses are also covered in the Accident plan.