Disability Insurance


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Injuries and illnesses that cause you to miss work also have a negative impact on financial obligations.  To combat this, SGMC implements structured Disability Insurance options to take care of you in during your time of need in the event of sickness or injury-related disabilities.

Long Term Disability Insurance with Cigna

Long Term Disability is designed to provide income for employees who are disable and unable to work for an extended period of time.  SGMC has two Long Term Disability options for our employees:

Basic Long Term Disability

Basic Long Term Disability enables employees to receive 40% of their base salary, up to $6,000 per month, when the employee has satisfied a 180 day waiting period.  Enrollment in Basic Long Term Disability plan is free to all benefit-eligible SGMC Employees.

Long Term Disability Gold

Long Term Disability Gold enables employees to purchase an additional 20% of base salary, for a total of 60%, up to $6,000 per month with a reduced waiting period of 90 days.  This additional coverage can be purchased for a monthly premium based on age + annual salary.  The LTD Gold plan is guaranteed issue for all new hire and newly eligible timely enrollments.  Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required for all other enrollments, including enrollments during the annual Open Enrollment period.

Please refer to the Long Term Disability Insurance Summary Plan Document in the Quick Links section of this page for specific plan information.

Filing Your Long Term Disability Claim

If you are filing Long Term Disability and you are enrolled in the Basic plan, you must complete the 180 day waiting period.  If you are in the Gold plan, you must complete the 90 day waiting period.  Cigna may require you to submit supporting documents, as well as have a Case Manager contact you to confirm the information you have provided.  To file your claim online, please click the File a Long Term Disability Claim link under the Quick Links section of this page.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Taylor Insurance Services offers SGMC Employees the option to enroll in Voluntary Group Short Term Disability Insurance.  Short Term Disability fills the 90 day gap before you are eligible for Long Term Disability and only has a 7 day waiting period.  Short Term Disability will pay a monthly benefit based off of your current monthly income for up to 90 days.  Please click Short Term Disability link under the Quick Links section of this page for more information.