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A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a low premium, high deductible plan that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars on a bi-weekly basis to go into an HSA account in the employee’s name.  You can use your HSA account for any medical related expenses, including doctor’s office visits, prescriptions, dental costs, or vision costs.  HSA account balances roll over from year-to-year and are completely portable.

Use the resources below to learn more about how SGMC’s Health Savings Account, in accordance with SGMC’s High-Deductible Health Plan can benefit you!

Everything HSA

HSA plans allow you to save for healthcare related costs that you may incur in the future.  HSA’s are completely portable, meaning no matter what, the account is always yours!  Like other savings accounts, HSA’s can accrue interest over several years.  Use the savings tools below to see your HSA’s potential growth and future value!

Know Your Benefits - HSA

HSA Guide

HSA Savings Tools

Is the HSA Right for Me?

HSA Case Study 1 (Single Male, 28 Years Old)

HSA Case Study 2 (Family)

HSA Case Study 3 (Single Female, 62 Years Old)

HSA’s & Retirement

SGMC HSA with Fidelity Investments

South Georgia Medical Center partners with Fidelity Investments to administer your Health Savings Account.  The HSA offers triple tax savings, meaning that you are not taxed on the money in the account, you are not taxed when you spend the money in the account (on medical related expenses only), and you can contribute pre-tax dollars to the account.

Each year, SGMC will contribute the following into your Health Savings Account:

$400 Single Coverage

$800 Employee + Spouse/Children/Family Coverage

In addition to the SGMC Employer Contribution, you can contribute pre-tax dollars each pay period up to the annual maximum.  The 2015 Contribution Limits are shown below:

Single: $3,350

Family: $6,650

*This amount includes any employer contributions

Any unused dollars in your HSA roll over year-to-year, if you remain enrolled in the High Deductible Health Insurance Plan.