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What is covered?

Your plan is designed to cover eye examinations & corrective eyewear upon payment of any applicable co-payments.  Should you choose options that are not covered within your plan allowance, a discount will be applied.

What type of spectacle lenses are covered?

Avesis covers standard single vision, bifocal, and trifocal lenses (plastic or glass).  If you choose specialty lenses (i.e. progressive or hi-index), you will receive the lenses at only a discounted price with an allowance for you to apply to the discounted price.

What type of frames does Avesis cover through my plan?

You may choose from a wide variety of frames that your provider carries.  You can stay within your plan allowance, incurring $0 out of pocket expenses.  If you select a frame that exceeds the plan allowance, you would receive only a discount on the price of the frame.

If I need medical or surgical treatment for eye disease or an eye injury, should I go to an Avesis provider?

No, the Avesis plan does not cover medical or surgical treatment for eye disease or injury.  You should contact your health plan administrator for assistance in locating an appropriate medical vision provider.  If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or visit the nearest hospital emergency room.

Can I receive vision care services from an Avesis participating provider without an ID card?

Yes, it is not necessary to have your ID card to receive services from an Avesis participating provider.  When you make your appointment with your provider, identify yourself as an Avesis member, the provider will contact us to verify what services you are eligible to receive.

If I have questions about my Avesis plan, whom should I call?

Please call the Avesis customer service department at 1.800.828.9341.  When you call, please identify yourself as an Avesis member.  The customer service department hours are as follows:

    7 AM - 8 PM, Monday to Friday

Vision Insurance Premiums

Single                     $4.12

Employee + 1         $6.35

Family                     $8.78

*Premiums are bi-weekly

Please contact Taylor Insurance Services at 229.247.6411 if you have any questions.

Vision and eye health problems are the second most prevalent and chronic healthcare problem in the United States, affecting ore than 120 million people.

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